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Path Waste commenced business in 1987. With the out break of HIV it became apparent to Brian Carty that needles had to be separated from the general waste stream. Guidelines were then drawn up in conjunction with the Health Department of WA.  To the best of our knowledge this was the first company to offer this service and also the first set of guidelines. 

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Sharps Containers

We will happily supply you containers directly. You do not have to use our collection and disposal services.

Swab Containers
Two size containers containers 20 litre and 60 litre. Each comes with its own liner and absorbent material to reduce the odor. They also have air tight lids to make life a little more pleasant.
Record Destruction

We supply containers that are lockable. The containers are smaller than the normal. This means that they take up less space are more easily moved and can be emptied more frequently.  So the records are not laying around with out supervision. 

Sanitary Napkin Disposal

Path waste was the first company to provide hands free disposal. Something that is now accepted as the industry standard. The bins come with their own liner. This helps us keep the bin clean. Granules to suppress odour and absorbent granules.

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210 X 190 X 190 MM. Small foot print but very stable hard to knock over. Fits neatly in cupboards or on work benches. 


210 X 140 X 150 MM. Very stable hard to knock over. Fits neatly in cupboards or on work benches particularly against splash backs.


240 X 250 X 250 MM. Almost a cube but very stable hard to knock over. Often used in sterilizing rooms where benches have chutes to dispose of waste products.Fits neatly in cupboards or on work benches. 


BD7.6 Fittank

330 X 150 X 270 MM. Fits neatly on work benches against splash back. Snap on lid. Difficult to accidently seal for life.


BD8 Fittank

330 x 150 x 360  Fits on


benches and in large


cupboards. Best against a


splash back.

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250 x 250 x 350 Rather


Cube in shape good size for


dental chutes.

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Euro  4LS
175 x 175 x 250 MM Closed.
Premium quality. Spring loaded
temporary closer.and permanent
Euro  8LS

175 x 175 x 340 MM Closed
Top Quality. Spring Loaded temporary closer. Cleaver design as when one third full very stable due to the low center of gravity. When full difficult to accidentally overturn due to total weight.

20 Litre SWABS

420 X 430 X 430 MM. Handy for

under bench use. Lid flips up and can be clamped shut. Usually for floor use only.






60 Litre SWABS

550 x 350 x 350 mm. Good for under desk, in cupboard or on floor. Can be sealed to stop odor. 

Phone:   6305 0175
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